Be Able 2 Agency, Paris


Corporate and Institutional Communication

We propose a support for your communication strategy and especially through relations with media, by press or product placements. We also manage your visibility by developing relevant partnerships for your brand and its image.

Press and Public Relations

The expertise of our public relations team ensures the full presence of your brand on every contact point with its public. We help you to write the press tools, to negotiate partnerships with medias, to create company events, to communicate with your collaborators for a 360° targeted communication  strategy.

Product Placement

To face the media and the advertising evolution, the product placement became one main asset in the communication for the brand. Communicate in a distracting context bring a significant benefit to the brands and their products. We also propose to brands to associate themselves to cinematographic and TV productions adapted to their public. We help you to develop your visibility on those supports to make your brand and your products appear in a distracting context. This communication approach allows to reinforce the capacity for sympathy of the brand for the audience.

Design Studio

Logo design, graphic chart, packaging, posters, flyers… The possibilities are endless in terms of graphic design. Our graphic studio will bring its energy, creativity and reactivity throughout the different projects that you want us to work on… always driven by a strong strategic thinking.

Digital Strategy

A beautiful and efficient website is one of the keys of the success of a brand. It is aimed to showcase the brand as it’s first online vector of communication. Be Able 2 offers to help you set up the perfect one, from its design to an extensive consideration of how best to insure a good search engine optimization. We are digital strategy specialists, and we got all the tools to make you shine on the web !

Community Management

It is difficult to ignore the power of communication possibilities that social networks have developed in recent years. Social network monitoring, online reputation management, CRM, social media optimization: by helping you take control of your online community, we allow you to listen to your audience to understand how to act and develop your online reputation.

Media Training

Because the media have become essential in a good communication strategy, it is important to get to know them, and especially how to address them. But it is not always easy to speak in public, or in a microphone to unknown interlocutors. Be Able 2 trains you for this process and teaches you professional techniques to learn how to act in all situations, in order to make your communication toward the medias your greatest weapon.

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